Hot Ready Meals

The store also offers a variety of ready meals. Every Thursday we offer fresh, still warm baked goods such as pork neck, pork loin and bacon, as well as ready-made food (dumplings, croquettes, stuffed cabbage, vegetable salads, chicken and pork jellies, cabbage soup), including hot meals, soups, salads and sandwiches.

Polish food products:

  • Fresh bread from Polish bakeries: Northside Bakery, Crumbs, Syrena
  • Fresh meats from Bacik (hams, bacon, sausages, sausages, pate, ribs, Berlinki frankfurters)
  • Dairy products (kefir, buttermilk, cream, cottage cheese, cheese, homogenized cheese, milk, butter)
  • Various types of herring (Cracovia, Lowell, Seko, Lisner)
  • Frozen food (large selection of dumplings, casseroles, soups, vegetables, fish, pancakes, noodles and dumplings)
  • A wide selection of canned meat and fish
  • Pasta, groats
  • Cucumbers (Lowell, Syrena, Bacik, Cracovia, Square, Polonaise, Vavel)
  • Cabbage (Lowell, Syrena, Bacik, Cracovia, Square, Polonaise, Vavel)
  • Sweets (Wedel, Złotokłos, Wawel, Solidarność, Goplana)
  • Fresh donuts "pączki" every day, including rose, blueberry, multifruit, raspberry, cheese, pudding, nutella and cakes from Polish bakeries.
  • Salty snacks (Lajkonik, Beskidzkie, Crunchips, Przysnacki, Łapsy)
  • Teas (fruit, herbal, green, black from Herbapol)
  • Coffee

A large selection of Polish herbs, cosmetics and chemicals

  • Cosmetics (Ziaja, Joanna, Soraya, Nivea, AA, Pani Walewska)
  • Cleaning products (Persil, Ludwik, Fairy, Lenor, Perwoll, Vizir, Pronto)

Dishes and delicacies for every Polish and American holiday

Dishes for every holiday, Christmas, Easter (like small hams, sausages, bacon and tenderloins and white raw sausage), Fat Thursday, New Year's Day, Women's Day, Valentine's Day, etc.

We offer in the store

  • Coffee, various types of classic or flavored
  • Phonecards for calling Poland (Poland Talk, Tanie Gadanie, Mazury, Alfa, Boss, Revolution)
  • Promotion - small coffee and donut if you buy together